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Husha is also the Hebrew word for a quick witted woman. A woman who is quick witted and sharp. A woman who is able to think quick and cleverly. A woman who quick in perception and understanding, mentally nimble and resourceful.
Husha is also a hidden place where people go to do drugs or hide from strangers

There is also a popular poem which goes like this 

It is thought that  the pom refers to the Bubonic Plauge supposedly. Ring around the rosies ( the reddening of skin around infections) Pocket full of Posie (pus) Ahses, Ashes (from the piles of burning bodies)
We all fall down (die) 
The ever favorite: Ring around the Rosy

Ring around the Rosy
Pocket full of Posy
(Or)Atischoo, atischoo
Ashes, Ashes,
(Or)"Husha, husha"
We all Fall Down


"Ring around the Rosie" could in fact be about the bubonic (black) plague (true or not) this seemingly cute song, that makes children giggle. Supports this belief and my interpretation on nursery rhymes by the follows:
"Ring around the rosy"
A plague buboe appears on someone's cheek, that make little rings that look like rosé bumps all over the person’s body.
"A pocket full of posies"
A popular way of fending off the plague… they thought the foul air caused the plague, so they tried making the air sweet.
"Atischoo, atischoo"
Sneezing was an early sign of plague infection (if you want you can look into that, I don’t really know if that’s true, honestly)
(or) "Ashes, ashes"
I believe it’s about the Burial of the Dead ("Ashes to ashes, dust to dust" ) I could be wrong. (lol?)
(or) "Husha, husha"
usually…. "Be quiet, he's about to die." (?)
"We all fall down"
We all die (or, a flight of stairs!)

YAH  = "I am"  . . .   so, Yahusha (or Yahushua) literally means "I am your salvation" as well as "Yah is our salvation".  He is the everlasting Father,  and El Shaddai (Is. 6:9, Rev. 1).

Husha is also another word for Hosea. It is found I once believed that His Name did'nt matter. In John 5:43 Mashyach(messiah) said that He came bearing the Name of the Father, which is Yahuah. If all flesh will bow at the Name of the Savior and every tongue shall confess that Ha Mashyach is Master to the esteem of Yahuah Alahym (Phil. 2:10,11) how can we think for one second that the Name is not important? We must wake up! Throughout the scriptures, we see "THE" Name not "A" Name. The word "the" is a definite article, while the the letter "a" is a preposition. When we use "the," we are talking specifics. Tom wrecked THE car. John walked THE dog. Mike mowed THE lawn. In all examples we know specifically what has taken place. Tom wrecked A car. John walked A dog. Mike mowed A lawn. When the preposition "a" is applied , everything has been generalized. In our search to learn the Name, note that not one scripture refers to a Name, they all refer to the Name , It matters!!

Yahuah foretold what His Son's Name would be. Zech. 6:10-12 reads, "And you shall take the silver and gold and make a crown and set it upon the head of Yahusha(Joshua), the son of Yahutzdak, the high priest. And speak unto him, saying ,Thus speaketh Yahuah of hosts, saying , behold the man whose Name is the Branch! From His place,He shall branch out and build the temple of Yahuah. As we can see in this chapter, Yahusha(Joshua) was the high priest who would build the temple of Yahuah. This scripture indeed speaks of Mashyach and even gives HIS name as the Branch. The high priest in Zechariah foreshadowed the coming Mashyach, and bore the exact same Name. What was the high priests Name? Yahusha!! yd ha uu shan ayn is the original spelling from Hebrew Interlinear text. We can now do a letter for letter transliteration of the Son's Name according to the way it was written.

Some translations have rendered the high priest as Joshua or Yahushua. It is important to note Joshua is not a true name, but a name implemented by those who wish to conceal the truth of Yahuah by changing names and meanings. In Deut. 32:44 and Numbers 13:8, we read of the original name of Joshua the son of Nun, Hoshea or Hosea, the same as the prophet Hosea. Hoshea is pronounced hu-sha(hoo-shah), Husha (Hosea) is found 11 times in the Hebrew text and means savior or deliverer. In verse 16 of Numbers chp. 13, Moses changed the name of Husha(original name of Joshua) to Yahusha which means Yah is deliverer/savior! Given the various Hebrew spellings of the original name of Joshua and the fact that there were four men who bore the same name as the coming Mashyach, we must remember that the prophesy was concerning the Yahusha (Joshua) in Zech. 6. Yahuah said the Mashyach would have the same name as Yahusha son of Yahutazdak not Yahusha son of Nun( whose name was later shortened to Yeshua/Joshua. Yahusha the high priest, son of Yahutzdak was crowned and named the Branch who would build the temple. Yahusha is the Name of Ha Mashyach!!